The “PREMATIZATION PROCESS”, a unique process to immunize all kinds of wood, in order to significantly increase its durability.

Once the wood reaches the desired moisture content we load the autoclave and using a vacuum pressure method, introduce the immunizing solution until it fully saturate.

With this process, the treated wood will be protected for a long time against various xylophagous agents, such as: bacteria, fungi, termites, beetles, borers, crustaceans and even fungi Class A (ascomycetes).


The “prematização process”, increasing the durability of wood is an important factor in the preservation of nature, since it avoids the waste and frequent exploration leading to devastation of forests.


The treated wood has its considerably increased durability, compared to unimmunized timber. While the former remain resistant under various working conditions, non-treated wood should be replaced at frequent intervals, for the short term deteriorate, losing their physical and mechanical properties, failing to fulfill its structural function.


You can find our products in various types of applications: poles, fence posts, crosspieces, about turnbuckles, rockers, beams, rafters, battens, boards, battens, Timber bridges, pillars, warehouses, barns, warehouses, garages, boats, vines and recently with great success in construction in beach house and field.

In the city or in the field of wood treated represent the best way to achieve savings, durability, versatility. It is the solution to all types of buildings or premises which require a suitable material and quality.


We maintain own reforestation and development of planting eucalyptus outsourced areas "citriodora" which by its high density, mechanical physical characteristics provide poles excellent esthetics and strength.