With over 80 years of experience in the manufacturing of pressure-treated hardwood products. Producing and supplying high density wooden crossties/sleepers, switch ties and bridge material with high mechanical and physical strength, our treated wood railroad ties fully meet industry standards, which in most countries became mandatory.

As the number one in the segment and holders of higher installed capacity in Latin America, we are recognized as the main crossties/sleepers provider provider of treated wood in the market. Attending the major "Heavy Haul" railways in the country.

Ecologically, treated wood became the main ally against the pressure to deforestation suffered by the use of wood from native forests without preservative treatment. Our process increases up to 8 times the life of a crosstie/sleeper, contributing to the preservation of the environment and solving the main technical and budgetary difficulties in railway maintenance.

We work only with high density hardwoods which are selected and dried before "PREMATIZADAS". The prematization process consist in submitting the classified crosstie/sleeper to a long vacuum period thereafter in full contact with the preservative solution, inside a pressure an airtight vessel called "autoclave", we take full saturation of the wood cells, leaving them totally immune to fungi and wood-destroying insects, highly dependent on cellulose, natural starches and sugars cell constitution of wood and basic elements of the food chain predators of these organisms.