The use of hardwood in construction is increasingly daily, and when the subject is treated wood from planted forests the benefits are countless.

In the construction as a whole there is no restriction to the use of treated wood. The structural designs are various options, including houses, bridges, walkways, playgrounds, roofs, gazebos, roofs, sheds.

Wood treated in building employs many benefits in addition to being environmentally friendly, saving the planet and reducing the pressure on native forests. Considered a resource short cycle and 100% renewable in addition to ensuring durability for finished part.

Through aesthetically perfect pieces, chosen with technical criteria and worked with great care, we have provided structural timber for more than 3,000 construction projects, achieving optimal solutions to overcome large spans, effects of light and decorationonly achieved with eucalyptus "citriodora".

Having the largest autoclaves in Latin America, both with 42 meters long, after drying, cleaning and sorting, round wood or sawn timber are subjected to a vacuum and pressure treating process until there is full saturation of the sapwood and heartwood by capillarity.